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Women's Physicals Specialist

Sunshine Walk-In Clinic

Board Certified Family Physician located in Lake Mary, FL

Women’s physicals are important for detecting early signs of issues like breast or cervical cancer. If you’re sexually active, over 21 years old, or notice any abnormalities with your body, visit Sunshine Walk-In Clinic in Lake Mary, Florida, for a physical. Anita Gupta, MD, offers women’s physicals that include a Pap smear to help protect your health. To schedule an exam, call the office or use the convenient online booking tool today. You can also walk into the clinic anytime for an appointment.

Women's Physicals Q & A

Why do I need a women’s physical?

It’s important for women to get an annual physical to have your health evaluated and monitored. At Sunshine Walk-In Clinic, your doctor keeps your records on file and watches if any changes occur from one year to the next. 

Your exam gives you the opportunity to talk to your doctor about:

  • Reproductive health
  • Birth control
  • STDs
  • Vaccination updates
  • Chronic disease

Your doctor checks your overall health, which includes checking for indicators of chronic disease, sickness, and abnormalities.

How should I prepare for my women’s physical?

The team at Sunshine Walk-In Clinic encourages you to write down any questions you might have before you arrive since you’ll spend time talking to your doctor.

Recommendations for your exam include:

  • Knowing the first date of your last menstrual cycle
  • A list of all your medications, including prescription and over-the-counter
  • Avoiding scheduling your exam during your menstrual cycle

If you’re having problems that concern you and need attention, don’t hesitate to come in for an appointment as soon as possible. An exam can detect any preexisting conditions or serious issues and stop more serious problems in the future. Your doctor’s goal is to help you safeguard your wellness.

What can I expect at my women’s physical?

Before your exam begins, your doctor first consults with you. This is a time for you to ask questions and bring up any of your health concerns or any noticeable changes in your body.

During your women’s physical, your doctor may perform the following:

  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam
  • Blood test
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Heart rate screening
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Vaginal infection screening
  • STDs screening

Your exam also includes a Pap smear, which involves getting a sample of cells from your cervix to see if there are any cellular changes that could detect the risk of cervical cancer. Pap smears are usually recommended for women between the ages of 21-65. 

Sunshine Walk-In Clinic provides expert care for women. To schedule your annual women’s physical, call the office or book an appointment online today. You can also walk in anytime to ask for an appointment.